This is how we do it

We don’t believe in
a ‘one size fits’ all approach. We believe in custom, tailored,
creative solutions.

Brand Evolution

Using the Wildern Brand Lab process, we facilitate collaborative brand building for visual identities, creative campaigns, interactive, and digital experiences.

  • Brand Strategy & Research
  • Brand Name & Tag Line Development
  • The Wildern Brand Lab Workshop
  • Logo Design & Comprehensive Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines & Implementation
  • Advanced Brand Systems & Sub-brands

Interactive Design

We create user centered interactive designs for websites, web applications, and mobile applications. We utilize modern tools for prototyping, and incorporate thoughtful interactive details into all of our designs.

  • User Experience Design
  • Visual User Interface Design
  • User Persona Research & Development
  • User Experience & Customer Journey Mapping
  • Information Architecture & Site Map Design
  • User Flows & Wireframe Design
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Store Design
  • Web & Mobile Applications

Digital Development

We develop smart, modern systems with sparkling front end interfaces and powerful back end systems. We utilize a combination of custom code and third party integrations.

  • Full Stack Web Implementation
  • Product & Web App Development
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • E-commerce Strategy & Implementation
  • Reporting Implementation
  • Administrator Training
  • Technical Solutions Consultation

Retail Print & Packaging Design

For retail, we create memorable store experiences, including wayfinding and signage. We design branded, functional packaging systems for products of any kind.

  • Product Packaging Design
  • Packaging Systems & Unboxing Experiences
  • Interior & Exterior Store Design
  • Wayfinding, Signage, and Menu Boards
  • Promotional Material Design & Curation

Content Marketing

We design & develop branded content for traditional, digital, and social media. We design for both seasonal marketing campaigns and evergreen strategies.

  • Traditional Media Advertisements
  • Email Newsletter Design & Development
  • Multimedia Social Content
  • Digital Advertisements


We collaborate with a diverse and talented group of award-winning photographers, cinematographers, stylists, and producers. We plan, execute, and direct first class product and lifestyle shoots.

  • Art Direction & Styling
  • Planning & Producing
  • Model Casting & Talent Coordination
  • Location Scouting & Studio Booking
  • Day of Coordination
  • On-Set Art Direction
  • Post Production Management
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